Change the donor of a transaction:

  1. From Fundraising, choose Transactions.

  2. Search for the transaction.
  3. Click the Change Donor link in the Actions column to open the Change Donor for Donation screen.

  4. Provide the donor's information for the correct donor and click Save.

  5. If a single unambiguous record already exists for the correct donor, you will return immediately to the Transactions page. (An unambiguous record is one in which the First Name, Last Name, and Email address are all supplied and all match only one other record.)

  6. If you have supplied the Last Name and/or the First Name, or the Email address and the information supplied does not conflict with an existing record, the system will create a new record and you will also return immediately to the Transactions page.

  7. If the information you have supplied appears to match one or more existing records, you will be prompted to "Create a new contact or select an existing one." Make your selection and click Save to return to the Transaction Manager screen.

    IMPORTANT: If it is a sustaining gift it will have a warning saying that it will move all the gifts of the sustaining pledge to that other contact record.