Date To cannot be before Date From when importing with everydayhero Integration plugin

When importing records to The Raiser's Edge using the everydayhero Integration plugin users see the following exceptions:

'Donor: Date To cannot be before Date From'
'Fundraiser: Date To cannot be before Date From'

When the import file is checked, there are no fields found that would relate to a Date To/Date From.
Please check the following areas for any Date To/Date From fields where the gift date does not fall within the date range:

1. Default Sets in everydayhero Integration plugin.  Click on Settings and view the Heroes/Donors/Donations tabs for any Default Sets being used.
2. Constituent Codes on the Bio 2 tab of the constituent/canvasser record.
3. Preferred Address on the constituent/canvasser record by clicking More next to the Address on the Bio 1 tab, or by double clicking on the Preferred address in the Addresses tab.

Remove the dates or edit these so the gift date falls within the date range to allow the import to complete successfully.

Steps to Duplicate

1. In The Raiser's Edge, go to Plugins and select the everydayhero Integration plugin.
2. Select Import, click Add File and navigate to/select the file to be imported.
3. Click Import and note the exceptions that occur.
4. Click Edit next to the import file name and scroll to the end to see the exception reasons.


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