Bounced Email accounts do not display expected behavior in BBIS/BBCRM

When sending emails using BBIS, the applications, both BBCRM and BBIS, do not display expected artifacts which should reflect when an email account receives a Hard Bounce code status. This behavior only occurs if the message is created in BBIS. 

What we find missing is that neither of the invalid email address were added to BBIS—Email—Invalid Accounts or BBCRM Blacklist (Email Services Invalid Account Search). If you navigate to the constituent record, you will also notice that these emails do not have the red "Bounced" icon on the constituents contact tab.  

These emails, proven invalid, should result in the following three artifacts, but they do not. 
1. Presence on the BBIS Invalid Accounts page
2. Presence on the CRM Blacklist
3. Both of these email addresses should have a red “Bounced” icon on the constituents’ Contact tab.

The expected behavior occurs for recipients that are marked as a Hard Bounce by the database instance that sent the message that resulted in the hard bounce .

The issue in this Knowledgebase described what happens when the address in question received a hard bounce when mailed by another database instance.  (i.e., the email address was marked as a Hard Bounce in a non-production environment that sent the email, or was marked invalid as a Hard Bounce to that address from another organization)

Currently, the system is designed to update the Invalid Accounts, Blacklisted Email Address tab, and contact record for the specific database that originated the Hard Bounce.  If you'd like to see updates flow to these areas when the Hard Bounce originates from a different database instance, please vote for the following Idea:

Steps to Duplicate

1. Create a Test List in BBIS that includes the following records
2. Create a new email message in BBIS and use the list from step 1. 
4. Send Final.
5. Under Email > Messages, find the email message from step 2. 
6. Click the View Report icon.
7. Click the two Recipients and notice that they both received the Bounce Message: "Previously marked as hard bounce". 
8. Navigate to Email - Invalid accounts and search for the bounced email accounts.  
9. Note that the accounts do not show up in the invalid account search. 
10. Navigate to BBCRM. 
11. Navigate to Administration > Email Services > Blacklisted Email Addresses. 
12. Search for the two email addresses from step 1. 
13. Note that the emails do not appear in the invalid account search. 
14. Navigate to the constituent records. 
15. Under the Contact tab note that the email address is not marked as "Bounced". 


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