Starting on March 27th, the RE Convio Connector will cease to function due to required infrastructure upgrades. All clients using the Connector have been contacted to move to a new integration solution. Some clients are running up against pipeline limitations with these solutions and will not be moved off the Connector in time. Blackbaud has developed a bridge solution to allow the Connector to continue to function through July 31st.

The bridge solution is to be implemented by clients using a document and a new keystore file that will be provided by their Client Success Managers. Below are some questions clients may have about the solution.

  1. What will you be doing?

To give clients more time to be moved onto a new integration solution between Luminate Online and Raiser’s Edge, clients will be upgrading java and installing a new keystore on their on-premise server that hosts the Connector. A  keystore is used to store new certificates to ease communication between Blackbaud servers and the Convio Connector.

  1. How was this tested?

Blackbaud completed testing in our environment, then with a test client in their production environment. All tests were successful.

  1. What are the risks?

There is no risk to either Luminate Online or Raiser’s Edge instances. Admins and constituents can use these applications normally.

The Convio Connector  datasync operation should not be run during the upgrade.

While not a common situation, groups mapped to an offline segment will fail to rebuild when the Convio Connector is not running. You can mitigate this by not immediately sending email with these types of groups set to rebuild during the upgrade.

During the upgrade, the Calendar Event page may take some time to load. Normal load time will resume once the Convio Connector is again available.

While following the upgrade process, if clients do not back up their original keystore, a rollback in the event of an error will not be possible.

Who should do this upgrade? Clients will need someone with Administration rights on their on-prem server that hosts the Convio Connector, for example a Network admin or Sysadmin. 

  1. What time should you do this upgrade?

Blackbaud has completed upgrades and rollbacks during business hours with no issue. If a client uses the offline segment group mapping, then they should consider a time when emails are not scheduled to go out. If a client uses Calendar Events, then they should consider a time that is off-peak usage, otherwise let their users know that there will be some slowness.

For questions, please reach out to your Client Success Manager or to Blackbaud Support.