Try the following steps on affected workstation(s) first. If the issue persists, repeat the steps below on the server. 
  1. Ensure that SAP Crystal Reports runtime engine for .NET framework is located in the Programs and Features. Also check to ensure that there is an application listed named "Crystal Report". If either is missing, the installers for these can be located in the RE deploy folder in these paths:
  • Deploy\ISSetupPrerequisites\Crystal Report XI Runtime Components 
  • Deploy\ISSetupPrerequisites\Crystal Reports Support Pack 10
  1. If the error still occurs when both are present, perform a clean uninstall of the Raiser's Edge from the server and ensure no remnants of the software are left in the registry by following How to uninstall The Raiser's Edge 7
  2. Uninstall any Crystal Reports software on the server, including SAP Crystal Reports runtime engine for .NET Framework. If Crystal Reports XI is installed on this terminal server, follow these steps to perform a clean uninstall: 
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  1. Reboot the server and re-install The Raiser's Edge. How to install or update the Raiser’s Edge (includes video demo) Ensure that you install it by running Setup.exe and not the .msi installer. 
  2. After the installation completes, repeat step 1.