When payments for a constituent's multiple commitments are consolidated into one payment via a Direct Debit file process, the resulting revenue record only shows the appeal for one of the commitments

When using a Direct Debit file process to generate and consolidate payments for constituent commitments, one may notice a single constituent's consolidated payments only apply to one appeal though their commitments are designated for different appeals.
Since appeals do not reside at the split level for a revenue record (one appeal per revenue record), the EFT process will use the appeal of the first commitment when the consolidate multiple commitments option is enabled.

Steps to Duplicate

1.   Create two new recurring gifts on a single constituent record. Ensure the recurring gits are applied to different appeals and the payment method selected is Direct debit - automatic for both. Make note of the revenue IDs.
2.   Navigate to Revenue > EFT > Generate Direct Debit files.
3.   On the Generate Direct Debit File Process page, create a new process that creates a new batch of transactions from recurring gifts. Select the "Consolidate multiple commitments to a single payment by constituent" checkbox. Also select the "Only include payments in the following selection" and create a selection of revenue that includes the revenue IDs noted in step1. Save and then run the process.
4.   After the process completes, open the resulting batch. See the row shows the appeal for only one of the recurring gifts. Whether the batch is committed in this state or if it is committed with the appeal field cleared, the resulting payment record will only show one appeal on the payment. Users are unable to properly query on the missing appeal's revenue because this revenue only shows for the appeal on record.


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