Associated major giving plans are not being recorded when adding a completed stewardship plan step to an Organization.

When adding a Stewardship plan you have the option of adding a completed stewardship step and associated it with a major giving plan. This associated major giving plan is lost when attempting to link the major giving plan for an organizational record.
The solution is to select or enter some other information prior to entering the Actual Ask Date information or to create the step in some other status other than completed and change this after creation.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Create or use an Organization.
2. Flag this Organization as a prospect.
3. Add a prospect plan, populate the required fields with any information.
4. From the Prospects functional area add a Stewardship Plan for the previously used Organization, populate all required fields.
5. From the newly created Stewardship Plan add a Completed Step.
               a. Populate the Actual Ask Date first with a date*required to add a completed step, without it you will only be able to add pending steps*
               b. Highlight the row, edit details.
               c. Populate an objected.
               d. Click the pencil on Associated Plans and select the previously created Prospect Plan.
6. Save the Stewardship Plan.
7. Note the Associated Plan is not saved.


 Blackbaud CRM

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