Step 1: Start your Query
  1. Go to Analysis > Information Library
  2. Click Add an ad-hoc query
  3. Select the source view of Registrants and click OK
Step 2: Add Fields to Include Records Where
  1. From the left column, highlight Event and drag Event Record to Include records where. Set this to be equal to your event
  2. For revenue reporting purposes, we recommend you only include the Host constituents. In the left column, highlight Registrant at the very top and drag Is Guest to Include records where. Set this to be equal to No
    User-added image
Step 3: Add fields to Results Field to Display
  1. Next to see payment information, highlight Registration Payments in the left column. In the middle column, drag Total payment amount to Results fields to display
  2. If not all registrations are fully paid, we also recommend adding a field for Balance to your output as well. In the left column, highlight Registrants at the very top. From the middle column, drag Balance to Results Fields to Display
  3. Rename any fields in Results fields to display as needed
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Step 4: Save you Query
  1. On the Set Save Options Tab, name the query
  2. Mark the box to Create a Selection
  3. Save and Close