1. Create or Edit an existing Online Admissions form
  2. Under: Available Elements, expand the Applicants section
  3. Scroll through the list until you see "Parents Are"
  4. Drag and drop the "Parents Are" element into the desired section (You can only use the field once)

NOTE: We suggest adding it to the student information section as this information is related to the relationship between the students parents/guardians
  1. Hover over the "Parents Are" element on the form and click the pencil to edit it
  2. A window labeled: "Applicant >> Relationship - Relationship between Parents" will open
  3. Use the dropdowns for "Who is Parent/Guardian 1?" and "Who is Parent/Guardian 2?" to associate it with the appropriate parent/guardian fields you have created for your form.
  4. Next create the relationship type, the parent/guardian will select, that most closely represents the relationship between the fields you have selected as Parent/Guardian 1 (Primary) and Parent Guardian 2 (Secondary)

  1. Select the Relationship/Reciprocal Relationship for each relationship type
Parents Are settings screen

NOTE: It is completely up to you what Relationship types, Relationships and Reciprocal Relationships you use.
The Relationship and Reciprocal Relationships are based on the ones you have created in Education Edge.
You will need to plan these out in advanced to make sure they make sense when applied.
  1. Save