Excel spreadsheets or reports can easily be filtered so that it will display only the information you need. This can be done on any report in Excel format.
  1. Run your report in Excel or Export to File
  2. Click on Enable Editing, if the button is shown at the top of your report

      3.  Left click your mouse to highlight the row for the headings to be filtered

      4. Click on the Sort & Filter drop down arrow and then click on Filter

      5. After you click on filter, a drop down arrow will appear in each heading box

     6. Click on a drop down arrow in the column to filter
     7. Click on Select All, then mark the boxes for the data needed to display on the report
     8. Click Okay 
Notice the change in the drop down arrow. This indicates which column is filtered.

To remove the filtering, click on the drop down arrow/funnel > click Select All > click Okay.

To completely remove the filtering option from your report, follow Step 4.