Fund Statement does not Display Gift or Grant Detail when Gifts and Grants over a Certain Number

Fund Statements generated from Fund Statement Designer does not print gift or grant detail on statements when there are a lot of gifts/grants.

This issue was caused by the positioning of the data relative to other data on the statement. No grants were being displayed for any fund. 

In the specific example where this issue occurred when running the Statement Report (button on Fund Statement Designer, two buttons to the right of "Save Options" Button.) the following was noted for Grants:

         3  Grant Detail       |y+1.00|PAGE                                  1  Grantee|X1|L3.00

The y+ means position 1 inch down relative to the previous info being displayed which in Fund Statement Designer would be the previous section. But since there is a page statement then it will probably be printing one inch below the last part printed on the new page which looks to be the footer. So it's showing grant detail below the page which cannot be seen.

The PAGE and y+ does not go together for detail sections.

Either remove the page or change to "Position From Top". If there are alot of Grants you may want to use the "Maximum Records on Page". We suggest leave Page, position 3 inches from Top like the gift section and put in the number of records that based on how far down you would like the grants to go.



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