We offer two different types of invoices - Student Based or Family Based. You may choose the style that best fits the needs of your school and families. (see the examples below) You may also request to have your logo printed on the invoices. 

Please contact Blackbaud Smart Tuition to switch your invoice type or to add a school logo.

Student Based - Example A
This is the most popular style. It lists each student's billing separately, per student.This option is best if your fees and discounts are applied per student.  Fees or Discounts that are set up as family based, will still be indicated on the invoice.

Family Based - Example B
The family based invoice lists the total of each billing item for that month's charges. It does not have the student(s) name(s) on the invoice. 
Note: Reports can be run per student, regardless of your invoice style. 

The Terms and Conditions are included on the back of all invoices. (Example C)

Example A
Example B

Example C