Step #1: Edit the on-sale period for Online Sales:
  1. Go to Events Event Search
  2. Search for your event
  3. Click Edit event
  4. Under On-sale information, adjust your online sales to be on sale now
  5. Click Save

Step #2: Remove the tickets from the Unresolved Online Sales
  1. Go to Sales > Unresolved Online Sales Orders
  2. Select your Unresolved online sale
  3. Click the line for the ticket only and click Delete. 
    • NOTE: Do not Delete the Credit Card line. Deleting the line for the credit card will refund the card as well as leave a balance on the order.

Step #3: Add the ticket back to the cart:
  1. Within the Advanced Sale order, click Create Order
  2. Change Date to search for the event
  3. Enter the number of tickets, then click Add to Order
  4. Enter necessary registration information
  5. Once balance is $0, click Complete