Before you get started, you will need a Blackbaud Payment Service account to connect to your Cybersource Merchant Account.  Contact support for information on setting up the BBPS account. You can reset your BBPS credentials if needed. Confirm if the transaction keys for your Cybersource merchant account are either for the Test Business Center or the Live Business Center. The Test Business Center is for test transactions. The Live Business Center is for actual transactions.
  1. In Altru, click Revenue > Blackbaud Payment Service merchant accounts
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  2. At top left within Tasks, click Edit Blackbaud Payment Service login
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  3. Enter your Blackbaud Payment Service (BBPS) username and password, and click Test Connection
  4. Once Connection shows as successful, click Save
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  5. Click Add to add a new merchant account to Altru
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  6. Enter a name for your merchant account
  7. In the Gateway field, choose Cybersource
  8. Confirm that you have set the Process mode to either Test or Live depending on your Cybersource account
  9. Enter the merchant ID and password that you used to log into the business center as the Gateway ID
  10. Set the Transaction processing wait configuration to “0” for both values.
  11. On the Credit Cards tab, mark the check box for each card type that you want to allow, then select the appropriate processor for each card type that you have enabled
  12. Select the Additional Fields tab
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  13. Within the Additional Fields tab click Edit to display the window to edit the Security key
  14. Enter the security key, click OK to close the window, then click on Save to complete adding the configuration information
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  15. Once this account has been added confirm that you have set up this merchant account as the default account by clicking the drop-down arrows and setting this merchant account as the default for both Default Authorization Account and Default Card Present account
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    • Note: After you have set up the merchant account. we recommend doing a test like a simple donation at the front desk with a credit card to confirm that the confirmation is successful.
  16. The final step is to connect this merchant account to the Web module.