Exporting manually added members of list exports all constituents in list in web view

I have a constituent list that I have added several people to manually. I can click on the manually added number and it opens a list of just the manually added constituents. However, if I try to export this list of just manually added constituents it exports the entire list.
This is currently working as designed but we are evaluating this issue for a potential change in the future since this can be confusing.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Create a constituent list in the web view
  2. Manually add some constituents to the list
  3. Click on the number of manually added constituents to go to a separate list of just those who were manually added
  4. Click on the export button to export this list
  5. Click on "Export complete. Download file" to download the export to excel
  6. The entire constituent list and not just the manually added constituents are downloaded

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