Credit Card is not listed under Payment Methods

When attempting to enter a new gift in Raiser's Edge, users may experience one of the following issues:
  • Credit card is not listed as a Pay method when entering a new gift record or entering a gift in batch
  • The EFT? checkbox is greyed out when entering a new gift record
  • The EFT? column is yellowed out and cannot be marked in a gift batch
Confirm If the EFT module has been acquired and the initial configuration has been completed, per this article: How to configure Electronic Funds Transfer.

If a specific user is unable to enter credit card gifts, it it likely that the user does not have security rights to access credit card information.
Users without rights to credit card information will have limited access to saved reports, queries, exports, and batches that contain credit card information, will not see credit card related fields in report, query, export, and import parameters, and will have limited access to functions in other modules.

Refer to How to allow or prevent users from entering and viewing credit card information to grant the affected user(s) rights to enter and view credit card information.


 Raiser's Edge

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