1. Navigate to the download transactions plug-in for either donations/gift or event registrations or membership transactions.
  2. Before processing anything, mark Select All in the lower left OR mark the desired transactions to include.
  3. Click the Export Selected button above the listed transactions: User-added image
  4. Review settings in the Export Grid window.
  5. Click Export.
  6. Open the export file in Excel to review the information.

Additional notes:
  • Be sure to complete the Export before downloading to Batch. The original information is not retained in The Raiser's Edge after linking/processing.
  • Information exports within cells as shown in the download plug-in. Adjust the row height in Excel to see the all of the information.
  • If a donor selected the option to notify someone of a Tribute gift (in honor of, in memory of, etc.), the Tribute Acknowledgee information is not available in the export. To view this information before processing, select the transaction and click Find Tribute to open the Link Tribute information. The Acknowledgee information as entered by the donor is present in the Acknowledgee field at the bottom.
  • Credit card information does not download unencrypted to the Export where you can see all of the card numbers.