Error Font fontnumber not in Font Set when Running the Edit and Post Administrative Fees Process from the Fund Module

When attempting to run the Edit and Post Administrative fees process from the fund module the error, " Error** Font <font-number> not in Font Set " may occur. Along with this, you may notice an error saying that .Net assemblies failed to update when launching FIMS.
This can occur for two reasons:

1. Typically this error occurs if the Font on the workstation as set in User Preferences on thr workstation for FIMS in on a different setting than the Server. Go to Tools>User Preferences>All Other Preferences>"Report_Font_Size" and change it to none or change it to a number that matches the FIMSNT.ini file on the server.

2. This occurs if the .Net assemblies were never registered on the computer which is evidenced by the failed .Net update message that occurs when launching FIMS. To fix that, right click on the FIMS icon and run as admin. After that you should get a message that .Net registered successfully. If you get an error while trying to run as admin, check and see if UAC is turned on, or is on a high setting. If UAC is turned on, turn it off, re-start the computer and lauch FIMS, you should then get a message saying that .Net registered successfully and the font error message should go away when you run the edit and post admin fee process.



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