No. solicited does not update on Package when globally adding an Appeal

When globally adding an Appeal and Package the No. solicited on the Package record does not update  The No. solicited on the Appeal record does update.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Alternate workarounds

Manually update the No. Solicited field:
  1. In Records, select Appeal > Open an Appeal
  2. Select the Packages tab and open the Package record
  3. Enter the appropriate number in the No. Solicited field.
  4. Save and close the record. 
Automatically update when adding a gift to that appeal and package when the constituent doesn't have it listed on their Appeals tab:
  1. In Configuration, select Business Rules.
  2. Under Constituent Options, select General Options.
  3. In the "If a constituent gives to an appeal not listed on their Appeal tab..." section, mark the "Update the 'No. Solicited' for that appeal" checkbox to automatically update the number solicited on the appeal and package.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Log into Raiser's Edge Database View
2. Select Admin > Globally Add Records
3. Select Appeal in Add drop down menu
4. Include any Constituent Query
5. Click Appeal Information
6. Select Appeal and Package and fill in remaining fields
7. Mark Update number solicited checkbox
8. Click Add Now
9. Control Report confirms there are no exceptions
10. Select Records > Appeals
11. Open Appeal record
12. No. solicited is updated on Appeal record
13. Select Packages tab
14. Open Package record
15. No. solicited is blank

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