Blackbaud Smart Tuition is ready to accept payments from 529 qualified tuition plan accounts for tuition dues for eligible grades of K-12.
Parents must check with their tax professional or financial planner/administrator whether 529 payments should be issued directly to the educational institution or if they can be submitted to a 3rd party.

School inquiries regarding 529 qualified tuition plans should be advised to consult their tax and legal adviser.  Legal requirements and tax implications differ by state.

Parent inquiries regarding their 529 qualified tuition plan should be directed to speak with their tax professional or financial planner and/or the administrator of such 529 plan.

Blackbaud Smart Tuition will not make any recommendations regarding the 529 Tax Plan.

Blackbaud Smart Tuition provides year-end tax statements for payers that details any tuition payment that was made in the prior calendar year. The year-end tax statements are available on the parent website beginning January 15.
Please Note:   Payments that are received from a 529 Tax Plan account do not need to be tagged in the Blackbaud Smart Tuition system any differently than non-529 Tax Plan payments.