How to troubleshoot the Custom Report Viewer part

The Custom Report Viewer part allows clients to display and export reports on their Blackbaud NetCommunity website. The custom part is commonly used by Community Foundations (CF) clients and was originally developed by Blackbaud.
Troubleshoot the Custom Report Viewer as we would with any part. You should gather the following information:
  1. What is the symptom/error?
  2. When did it start occuring? / Did the functionality ever work?
  3. If so, what changed?
  4. Is the symptom/error present for all users?
  5. Is the symptom/error present on all workstations?
  6. Is the symptom/error present in all browsers?
  7. If BBNC is generating a run-time error, what is the error in the error log?
Commonly reported issues for the Custom Report Viewer part are documented in Knowledgebase. If additional troubleshooting is needed after gathering all the information above and checking Knowledgebase, additional troubleshooting is dependent upon your hosting situation:

If your site is hosted by Blackbaud:
Please contact Blackbaud NetCommunity support and provide all the information above along with an admin username and password for Blackbaud NetCommunity.

If your site is premise/not hosted by Blackbaud:
Blackbaud can offer assistance with our professional service team as a billable service; please contact support or your account manager.


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