There are four main steps to this process including Creating the Sections, Creating New Blocks, Create the Schedule Sets, and then Link the blocks on the Schedule. 

I. The first is to make a new section:
  1. Go to Academics  > Scheduling > Requests and schedules > Classes > Find the relevant course.
  2. Set the term to the term the class started in. in most cases, this will be one.
  3. Select manage sections on the relevant course.
  4. If you selected the correct term at the top of the new menu you will see the option add Section.
  5. Here you can select the block teacher and students.             
Note: In this case, it would be the same as the ones in the first section. The block determines what days it will be marked on the schedule. You will most likely need to create new blocks and a schedule set to make whatever specific class schedule is needed. 

II. The second step is to create new blocks.
  1. Go to Academics  > Scheduling > Schedule outline > Blocks
  2. Select add block at the top then give it a name.         
Note: This is simply an identifier. we will want to make one block for each classroom they are meeting in.

III. The third step is to make the schedule set so they can show on the schedule
  1. Go to Academics  > Scheduling > Schedule outline > Schedule Sets
  2. Select Add set. Enter the title The days the class is meeting on and the begin and end date of the set.
Note: You will normally want the begin and end date to be the same as the other set.
  1. Set the permission information.
  2. At the bottom you can set the days that the set will loop through. 
Note:  Normally you will want this to be 5 1 1 1. for it starts on day one and loops every 5 days which is considered one week.
  1. Save and then edit back into it.
  2.  Select meeting times.
  3. We are going to want to create two patterns for the meeting times one for each section. 
  4. Select the days on the pattern the class will be in one room of.
For example, if the class is in room 801 on Monday select only Monday for one pattern and then if it meets on all other days in 803 select all other days on the other pattern.
  1. Select the plus on each pattern to the right of the days.
  2. Add a meeting time and enter the meeting time you want the class to meet on.
  3. Go into the rotation.
  4. Label each day to there respective day. 
For Example: Day 1 is Monday and you can set the block that the meeting time is attached too. In this case, we will want to attach the two bocks we made previously.

 IV. The last step is to go back to the sections and assign them the blocks we made to connect them to the schedule.
  1. Go to Academics  > Scheduling > Requests and schedules > Classes > Find the relevant course.
  2. Select manage sections on the relevant course.
  3. Set the two blocks made previously to the two sections each block marking one classroom along with assigning each section their respective classrooms.

Now, the class will show on the students as they are in this class in all days but they are marked for different classrooms.
Note:  these two sections will act as separate classes in the system but as long as you do not attach any grades to the second one it will not show in report cards or transcripts.