Is it possible to have only certain Category fields available when choosing a specific Prospect Rating Source?

When using Ratings in the Prospect tab of a constituent record, it is noted that certain Source field values (such as Blackbaud Analytics' Giving Score) only allow a specific range of Category values to be chosen.  Is it possible to do the same when adding user-created values to the Sources table via Config -> Tables?
No.  All new table entries manually added to the Sources table refer to the same Ratings table.  This means when choosing the Category only the standard table entries (Excellent Prospect, Hesitant, Needs Cultivation, Very Good) or user-created table entries can be used.  It is not possible to restrict entries from this table from being selectable.  Blackbaud-created Source table entries have been hard-coded with specific Category values that are relevant to this Source type.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Open a constituent record and select the Prospect tab.
2. Select the Ratings option on the left-hand menu.
3. Click on New Rating and select the dropdown next to the Category field.  Note the available table entries.
4. Click on Source and change this to a Blackbaud-created value such as Blackbaud Analytics' Giving Score.
5. Select the dropdown next to the Category field again, note the available table entries are not the same and the previous table entries noted are not available to select.


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