How to Troubleshoot the Data Sync Between FIMS and CRM

What has to be in place generally for data to sync between FIMS and CRM? If I have data that is not synching, how can I troubleshoot that?
1. See the following article on common sync errors that occur and what to do with them:

2. If data for a table is not synching, mark the table in question for re-synching using a date from before the problem occurred. Sync and then check the log for any errors located here:

3. The field mapping defined in FIMS must match the field mapping defined in CRM

4. Additional fields in CRM can be defined which do not match or sync to FIMS fields but all fields defined in FIMS must have a match in CRM. The FIMS field mapping are shown in the ttMap.txt file in the sync logs.
  • You can see the CRM mappings by logging into CRM and going in to Setup/Build/Create/Objects/Table Name.
  • The following guide shows which fields sync to CRM:




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