Amount field on DIY form shows up blank and does not auto-populate with dollar amount of selected donation/membership option

When a donor or registrant is on a DIY form and they select an option for a pre-determined amount(for a membership or for a donation amount), the amount field under donation information remains blank and does not auto-populate with the dollar amount that is set for their selection. They are unable to edit the field or enter in an amount as the field is locked. 
The dollar amount will not populate for user defined fields that are not applied to transactions.
  1. Check if the fields that are being offered as donation options or membership options were set up as a user-defined field values.

If so, then check that the user-defined field has an application of transactions selected. This can be checked by performing the following steps:
  1. Click on management and select user defined fields
  2. Locate the field name and look under  "applies to" in the column next to the name of the field.
  3. If transactions is not listed under applies to, then they will need to click on the name of the field to edit it and then go to step 2 for field application and check the box next to transactions. 

Additionally, there can be no other applications types(constituent, tribute, transactions etc) selected here as this information can be stored either under transactions or another field application but not on both. It is not recommended that they use the same user defined field for field application to constituents and transactions-they should create a separate user defined field for the transactions one so the data is stored on the record correctly.


 Chrome;Firefox;Internet Explorer;Safari

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