Error: One or more accounts must be created in order to create payments - when processing Payroll

When processing Payroll, a message appears reading "The account XX-XXX-XXXX does not exist. You must create this account in General Ledger if you want to use it." However that account is not referenced in any the Benefits, Deductions or Pay Types that are being processed. 
The amount set to this XXX-XX-XXXXX account:
  1. Matches the taxes total, but is set to a different account than the Payroll > Configuration > Taxes
  2. It is set to use the same account code as the Employee pay type, but again, the pay type is set to combine with default distribution, which is XXX-XX-****
This behavior is currently being evaluated by product engineers. There is a pattern where a different fund and department are being combined with the Employee record's GL Distribution account code and replacing the account of some taxes. We will update this article as more information becomes available. In the interim, create the referenced account, proceeding with processing payroll and make a manual Journal Entry to correct the amounts in the General Ledger. 

Steps to Duplicate

STEP 1: 
  1. Navigate General Ledger > Records > Accounts and search for the referenced account
    • Note that it does not exist
STEP 2: 
  1. Navigate to Payroll > Records > Employee
  2. Open up an employee record whose GL Distribution used the account code referenced
    • For example, if the error message reads "The account 100-00-51100 does not exist" open up an employee whose GL Distribution tab contains ***-**-51100
  3. Select the Activity tab
  4. Double click to open the payroll calculation and see the amount associated with the referenced account matches the employee's taxes OR taxes + medicare
STEP 3: 
  1. Navigate to Payroll > Configuration > Pay Types 
  2. Double click on a Pay Type and select the GL Distribution tab
    • Notice that it's set to use the 51100 account and combine with the employee default

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