How to get the Designation record type in the ad-hoc query search form

When using the Ad-hoc query search in the Analysis functional area, you might have a need to either grant or remove the Designation record type on the form.
In order to allow a user the ability to use that record type, or to take that option away, you will need to do the following:

1. Go to the system role that the user is in 
2. Click on Feature then click feature permissions
3. Scroll down to Fundraising efforts - expand that list
4. Click Designations - expand that list
5. Click on Query Views  then click Designations -grant that

This should now allow the user to have the ability to use this. 
If you need to remove this record type then do the same steps as above but instead of Grant all, clear it or Deny it

Steps to Duplicate

1. In CRM go to the Analysis functional area
2. Under Information Library, click on Ad-hoc query search
3. In the box that comes up you can choose various record types to search, including Designation.


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