Here is how you submit a ticket through Case Central for Smart Tuition related requests. 

1. Hover over Help? and click Case Central. 
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2. Click on Submit a ticket.

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3. Fill out the form- choosing "Smart Tuition". 
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  • You will receive email notifications when there are updates on your tickets. Your replies emails will also be logged in the ticket in Case Central so all the information and communications concerning your request is stored and available for review .


  • Case Central also uses a Single Sign On from Smart Tuition, so you don’t need to worry about logging it every day. Just log into Smart as you normally would, and click the Case Central button to see your open tickets.


  • Any sensitive documents you send through Case Central are handled with a secure encryption technology called Send Safely. It ensures your data is safe and protected.


  • You’ll now be able to provide feedback in the form of a survey with each ticket solved.