A Direct Debit Return occurs when a donor's bank rejects a online check (or direct debit) transaction. This can occur if the account holder states the debit was made in error or if the account information does not match the banks records.

Here are some of the common Direct Debit Return reasons when processing ACH payments with BBMS, and recommended steps to resolve:
The customer's account has insufficient funds to cover this payment.Reach out to the account holder to confirm they have funds to cover the payment before resubmitting the transaction.
The customer's bank account could not be located.The account was not found with the information provided. Confirm you have the correct routing and account number for this transaction with the account holder. 
The customer's bank account has been closed.Obtain new bank account information from the accout holder. 
The account number specified does not have the correct number structure.Confirm the account number being used does not include any spaces, dashes, or non-numerical characters. The account number needs to be entered exactly as it appears on a check or bank statement, which may include leading zeros.
The customer's bank account is frozen.Confirm the account freeze has been lifted prior to resubmitting the transaction. 
The customer has notified their bank that this payment was unauthorized.The account holder has not authorized this payment. If this was done in error, the account holder should reach out to their bank to give approval before the payment is resubmitted.