Kinterathon notification emails for new donations are not being sent to the participant

A participant within a Kintera Thon event is utilizing the Participant HQ. The option to receive notification emails when someone donates to their personal page is enabled. The notification emails are not being delivered at all or intermittently to the email address on file in the Participant HQ.

The participant did not receive the notification email in their inbox or junk/spam folder.
Please Chat With Support and reference this article and provide the following information:
  • Event URL/name
  • Name of the participant
  • Participant's email address
  • Date the participant should have received the notification email

Steps to Duplicate

1.    Participant log into their Participant HQ
2.    Under "My To Do List", click "Edit My Profile"
3.    Scroll to the bottom of the page to see a section labeled: Email Notifications
4.    The option is checked: "Notify me by email when somebody donates to me"

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