Proposal Notes in Database View do not appear on Opportunity record in Web View

Users may notice that Notes added to Proposal records in the Database View do not sync over to the Opportunity record in the Web View. This occurs for Proposal Notes saved with the RE NXT Proposal Summary Notepad Type.
This is intended functionality. Database view is intended to update with Opportunity Summary Notes that were added in web view, but the RE NXT Proposal Summary notepad type does not synch from database view to web view. 

Steps to Duplicate

1. Log into Raiser's Edge Database View
2. Open a Constituent record
3. Select Prospect tab
4. Select Proposals from left hand menu
5. Open an existing Proposal or create a new Proposal
6. Select the Notes tab
7. Enter a new Proposal Note with Type:  RE NXT Proposal Summary
8. Save and Close Proposal record
9. Save and Close Constituent record
10. Log into Web View after allowing a few minutes for data to sync
11. Open the linked Opportunity record for this Proposal record from the Database View
12. Note that there is no note listed under the Opportunity title
13. The "+Add a summary note" link is present and the Note does not appear on the Opportunity record

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