Totals missing from Project Financial Statement from Accounts with no activity

After updating to patch 23, Accounts without activity are missing from the Project Financial Statement.  
Changes in patch 23 improve the speed of this report by removing accounts with no activity for each Project.  If accounts with no activity need to be displayed, please create an Income Statement from Reports > Financial Statements.  For more information see How to run an Income Statement comparing actuals to budget

Steps to Duplicate

1. General Ledger > Reports > Project Reports > Project Financial Statement> Select new report. 
2. On the columns tab add a new column for Budget and select the correct budget. 
3. Set the dates on all the columns 
4. Go back to the General tab and check the box to include inactive projects
4. Preview > On patch 22 Account with budget but no activity showed up.  
5. On patch 23,the accounts with budget and not activity does not show up. 


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