Third party billing is a feature that can be used if someone other than the primary or secondary contact is making payments towards the student's tuition billing. This functionality is helpful if grandparents or trusts are making payments. The third party payer will receive  emailed invoices, which will include all the payment information. This will ensure that payments are applied to the correct account.
Keep in mind that the person listed as a third party payer will not be provided with any account information if they contact the parent support center.
To set up a third party payer:
  1. Go to > enter your school ID > click on the applicable school year
  2. Locate the family's account 
  3. Hover your mouse over the blue box on the left of the page
  4. Click on More Options
  5. Select Update Parent & Student Info
  6. Scroll down to Third Party Payer section
  7. Enter First Name > Last Name > Email (allows only 24 characters)
  8. Scroll up and click Mirror
  9. Scroll down and click Save Changes
third party
Note: Third party payers will only receive billing invoices. They will not be sent any other communication from Blackbaud Smart Tuition.