When two accounts are merged a note will be created on the merged account that details the two accounts, with account numbers, that are now one. It is possible to create a query to find these notes, thus finding a list of your merged accounts.
  1. Go to Queries, then Manage Queries
  2. Select or create a category to save this query in
  3. Inside the category click New Query under the Tasks bar
  4. Name and add a description to query
  5. Keep the query set to Query Type: Dynamic Query
  6. Under Starting Query set :
    1. Query Category to Base 
    2. Query to All Accounts – A
  7. Under Results select the Data Return Type to Journal Entries
  8. Under Criteria Options select Match Each Criteria
  9. Under Criteria in the Browse Fields from the drop down box:
    • Select Journal and select Journal Note Text and type "Account info action" into the text box
  10. Click Save And Preview
When you preview the query add a column in for note and it will display the details of the two merged accounts.