During the course of a group sale booking, payments, and check in, Altru tracks different items to the GL.  An Accounts Receivable is not created for a group until the group has been checked in and the order still has a balance due.

Here is an example of a Group Sale and how it is tracked in the General Ledger: 
Transaction TypeAccount TypeExample AccountDebitCreditComment
Group Sales Pre-PaymentCash1000$50 This is an example of a $500 group sale with a pre-payment of $50 and the group still has a balance due after their visit.  It is important to note that Altru does not create an accounts receivable until the group has been checked in and their balance is past due.  Prior to group check in, pre-payments will be booked to Unearned Revenue.  Once the group is checked in, pre-payments will move from unearned revenue to revenue and any AR will be created when there is still a balance due.
Group Sales Pre-PaymentUnearned Revenue2000 $50
Group Sales Check InAccounts Receivable1200$450 
Group Sales Check In Unearned Revenue2000$50 
Group Sales Check InRevenue4400 $500
Group Sales Final PaymentCash1000$450 
Group Sales Final PaymentAccounts Receivable1200 $450