Receipt History is not correct when reprinting consolidated receipts

I have some gifts that were receipted individually.  Now the donor would like to have consolidated receipts.  We have reprinted these gifts as consolidated, but the receipt history is including other receipt numbers.  It seems as if the gifts are still being receipted individually, and then the last number in the process is assigned to all gifts.  All those incremental receipt numbers are appearing in the receipt history.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Click mail
  2. Click reprint receipts
  3. If there is an existing reprint parameter, open that.  If not, click New and create a new reprint parameter
  4. Choose the constituent by clicking the Include button
  5. Choose One Record (or selected and the query if one has been created for these gifts)
  6. Choose the constituent that needs the receipt reprinted and is marked as consolidated now
  7. Change the Date to the desired date range
  8. Click Merge 
  9. Click yes to update the receipt information
  10. Open the constituent and one of the gifts
  11. Click the receipt button beside the receipt status
  12. Here we see the original receipt number as well as all the numbers that were part of the consolidated process

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