Error This PDF file in your Archive does not Exist in the Contents File when Attempting to Upload Statements to Donor Central

When attempting to upload the fund statement zip file to Donor Central, the error "This PDF file in your Archive does not Exist in the Contents File" can occur.
There are multiple causes of this issue:

1. This error is typically caused by the list in the contents file not matching exactly to the PDF files. The list in the contents file has to match exactly to the number of PDF and the lines need to contain the same pdf file names. Additionally, the entity ID needs to be listed in the first column of the contents file.

2. This issue can also be caused by extra blank lines being after the last lines in the file or if the left margin for the lines is not flush with the left side. If the lines are indented this issue can occur as well. These extra spaces can occur if the Word merge document itself has an issue with. Review the merge template to see if it has any spaces in it or if any errors occur while merging the letters. 

If you open up one of the PDF statements, you may see that the lines have extra spaces which cause the lines to wrap. This is a sure sign that the Word merge template is not correct:

3. Lastly, this can also be caused if the zip file is over 50 MB. 50MB is the limit for a zip file to be uploaded to DonorCentral. If your original zip file is bigger than that, you will need to it up into smaller pieces with each zip file being less than 50 MB and each zip file needs to have its own contents file matching the PDFs that are in it. Each new zip file will be a smaller range of funds containing only those PDFs from that smaller range of funds.

You can edit your fund statement export in FIMS and select on a smaller range of funds each time you run it, for example, maybe the first time run for funds A-K and the second time run for funds L-Z. Merge and run the DonorCentral macro for each batch of statements so that each range has its own unique contents file.

You may want to create sub-folders in the statements folder to separate out the statement groups and contents files. One sub-folder you could call Statements-Group A then all of the PDFs and the contents file pertaining to those funds would be in that folder so that when you zip up the files in that folder you are just zipping up the appropriate range of funds with the correct contents file. Then do the same and create another sub-folder called Statements-Group B.

Please see also the following for another solution to split fund statements:

Steps to Duplicate

1. Run the fund statement export
2. Merge the statements in Microsoft Word
3. Run the eAdvisorFundStatements2007 macro to create the pdf files
4. Open the location where the pdf files were created to along with the contents file
5. Zip up the pdfs together along with contents file
6. Log into Donor Central and attempt to upload zip file
7. See error occur.



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