If a donor opts to set up an auto-processing recurring gift via an Online Giving DIY Form (by selecting one of the recurring options available with the Gift Frequency field), you should NOT include any merge fields in the donor's confirmation email template that specifically apply to the Recurring Gift Schedule itself... Examples of such fields include: Frequency, First Installment Date, Installment Amount, etc.

The confirmation email that you can set to automatically send out to donors who make transactions via DIY Forms is only capable of displaying the initial gift details (i.e., information pertaining to the amount actually processed at that time, regardless of whether the donor selected one of the recurring options in the Gift Frequency field displayed on the form). For a more detailed explanation on this topic, please see the following: Can I have the Recurring Gift Schedule Frequency, First Installment Date, and Installment Amount in the email that is automatically sent to a donor from a DIY page?