E Missing GL Account with Journal Key FD Disbursements when Running the FACTS Allocations Edit Report

When attempting to reconcile a FACTS pool the error, " E Missing G/L Account "account number" on the line along with another line that reads Disbursements with journal key FD.
This occurs because FACTS is trying to post a very small amount of Disbursement to each of the funds, that may have been mis-entered on some of the Disbursement line data in the reconciliation for the investment accounts. It is basically saying that the NET of All the Investment Account Disbursements does not NET to zero and that it is trying to post entries. Usually we recommend that any money moving in or out of the pool be done through the individual funds.  

To determine if the Disbursement line Nets to zero, you can run the Reconciliation report from FACTS reconciliation processes and look at the line in the report for the pool that says Disbursements. All of the negative and positive amounts on the disbursement white space in the Reconcile tab for each investment account that is part of the pool need to all net to zero.

For example, let's say you have three investment accounts all tied to the same pool as shown in the example below:

You will need to review the Disbursements line for each white space area for every investment account and make sure that all of the ins and outs, (negative and positive amounts) on each account net to zero:




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