When restricting ticket sales to memberships or membership levels, we can add more than the ticket limit to a shopping cart

When we add a ticket restriction on a scheduled program, then add more than that number of tickets to the cart, it allows us to add more than the restricted number of tickets and complete the sale.
This issue is no longer occurring as of our version 5.0 release. All sites have been upgraded to version 5.0. Please chat with support if you're still experiencing this issue and reference this article

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Navigate to Tickets > Add a scheduled program
  2. Enter Name
  3. Underneath Price Type select Adult and set a price
  4. Set a Location
  5. Underneath Restrict ticket sales to these memberships, enter All programs
  6. Underneath Tickets per transaction enter 2
  7. Save
  8. From program record, select Event list tab
  9. Click Add
  10. Next to Recurrence select single date, then enter a date
  11. Underneath Time recurrence set the From and To times
  12. Save
  13. Navigate to Sales > Daily Sales
  14. Next to Patron enter a constituent with a membership (for example: Lindsay Pruitt)
  15. Click Scheduled Programs button
  16. Enter Date of Event we scheduled
  17. Select the Program name and Start time
  18. Select Price Type
  19. Set Quantity to be 3
  20. Save, and tickets add to cart with no error

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