How do I fix a Source code record that was created with the wrong Effort?

I created a SOURCE code 'AHQMK18AKAD100' (in Source Code Entry) with the wrong EFFORT  'AA'.  

I am trying to create it with the correct EFFORT = 'AD', but it keeps saying the SOURCE code already exists.

I set the STS =  'D' on the existing record, but when I go to create the correct SOURCE code (with EFFORT 'AD'), an error states that it already exists.
In this example, the SOURCE code string 'AHQMK18AKAD100' looks like it already contained the correct EFFORT = 'AD' (in positions 10,11).  It was the EFFORT field that contained the incorrect value 'AA'.

The issue is that the SOURCE code field is the key to the SOURCES table and cannot be changed.  Even when changing the STS to 'D'.  It still exists in the table and a duplicate record cannot be created.

To fix the record:
Since the value of the SOURCE code field already contains the correct EFFORT (in positions 10,11), all that is needed is the correct the value of the EFFORT field to 'AD'.

1.  If the record was set to STS = 'D', then change the STS to 'A'.
2.  Change the value of the EFFORT field to 'AD'.


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