Error: The internet connection failed when launching IGAM after March 31st.

Upon launching IGAM after March 31st, 2018, I receive the following error:

The Internet connection failed.
[20277/GAMCommunication.HTTPPost] Server disconnected before handshake completion [0xffffffff]
Please try again.

How can I resolve this error?
This error is most likely due to your version of IGAM still sending traffic over TLS 1.0, which was deprecated on March 31st, 2018. In order to restore normal functionality, you must upgrade your installation of GIFTS/GIFTS Alta to the latest versions. The upgrade files for these versions can be found by navigating to > Support > Downloads. Included in the download files are instructions for how to perform the upgrade. Once you've upgraded your installation to the latest version, normal IGAM functionality should return.



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