What information is needed to complete a billing data upload?

To ensure accuracy and efficiency when applying financial information on family accounts using the upload functionality, specific information is required to be uploaded. A custom report can be created to ensure the Data Upload team receives the necessary information to perform the upload for that specific school session. 
1. Click Create a New Custom Report from the Reports button drop-down menu. 
2. Click Family Export. 
3. Choose the following; Family Name, Student Name, SMART Family ID, School Family ID, School Student ID, Payment-Type, Payment-Due Date, and Account Status and click Next. 
4.  Account Status should be equal to all criteria; Active, Pending, and Parent Pending and click OK. 
5. Click Next. 
6. Name Report Billing Template and click Save. 
7. The report is now saved and ready to be extracted from Saved Custom Reports when you are ready to submit billing upload.

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