There are two ways to determine if a Constituent Record was created during the data conversion or if it was a record added by your staff members:
  1. Constituent records that do not have a Constituent ID that begins with 8- were converted from Raiser’s Edge or another legacy system as part of the data conversion. 
    • For records that begin with 8-, you can run the Constituent History report to see more detail, as it may have been created by the conversion or a staff member.
  2.  You can view the history of additions or changes to a Constituent Record by viewing the history of the record.
    • To do this: open the Constituent's Record and go to the History tab.  From there, run the report of changes for all dates. The earliest dates on the report report will show you who added the record.  If the record shows a user of BLACKBAUD\xxxx (this may be your conversion analyst's name) or BLACKBAUD\Conversions that means it was created during the conversion.  If it was created by someone on your staff, it will show their User Name like in the screenshot below.
Example of record created by a user:
Example of changes made by a staff member.

Example of record created during the conversion:
Example of a Constituent Record created during conversion.