Review the points below to help make your decision on setting up scheduled programs and program events.  
Altru Configuration
  1. In Altru, discounts, fees, taxes, tickets and the general ledger  (if you have the GL turned on),  are set at the program level. So, if any of these configuration elements are going to be different between events, you should use separate programs for these events. 
  2. The Event Attendance, Program Revenue reports identify separate events within a program. However, a number of reports such as Sales by Price Type, Total Revenue and Payments, Location Availability, Sales by Membership, Sales by Program, Sales, do not parse results by event should influence your decision to have separate programs. 
Business Decisions
  1. If the activity is a one-off activity that is not repeated on a regular basis - you may want to tuck the varies events into a program. For example, if a different movie is shown every morning, you may want to have a program called Matinee and name each event differently. 
  2. Similarly, If the activity is a series  like say a lecture series, you may want to have a single program with each topic and speaker being part of the event name. 
  3. If you host a number of camps and each camp has a different theme every week and you would like to evaluate each of the themes separately, you may want to have each theme as a separate program.
  4. If you need to report the revenue and attendance  separately for each event such as an IMAX movie, than it may be practical to have each movie title as a program to help parse the details for revenue reporting.