To create a report based off of a specific payment description:
  1. Log in and access the school's account page
  2. Hover on Reports
  3. Select Create a New Custom report
  4. Hover on Activity Reports
  5. Select Payment Data
  6. Select your Payment Fields, (you have options of):
    • Family Name
    • Payment Method
    • Payment Amount
    • Payment Status
    • Any other fields that are available in Additional Fields list
  7. Select Payment Description from Additional Fields list 
  8. Click Next
  9. Choose what dates you need the report to have information based off of
  10. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  11. In the Payment Description Tab, Select the Contain Tab (you are able to filter the other fields at this time also)
  12. Type the specific payment description you are filtering for
  13. Click Next
  14. Name the report and Describe the purpose of the report
  15. Click Save
  16. Once saved, you see the options of:
    • Download
    • Review All Custom Reports
    • Create a New Custom Report
    • Next
    • Cancel
  17. Click Download
Note: Clicking Download will automatically generate the report in Excel
Warning: What you are listing in the Payment Description Contain Tab is filtering out all other payments that are not described in that manner

Here is how you can schedule when to have the report ran
  1. After Clicking Download (which generates the report in Excel) Click Next
  2. Select the days you want the report ran on
  3. Enter up to 5 recipients (email addresses) to receive the report
  4. You can choose if/when you want this report repeated (those options are):
    • Once a Week
    • Once a Month
    • On Funds Transfer Dates
    • Bi-weekly
  5. Once selected, Click Download and the report will be generated or you can choose Create a New Custom Report
Note: Once saved, you are able to find the report in Saved Reports. Remember this report is only being saved in the School Year it was created.