1. Click Administration > Smart Fields 
  2. Click the arrow beside the Total Number of Visits smart field
  3. Click Edit 
  4. Click the Parameters tab
  5. Make sure all of the following values are specified for each field below: 
  • Value to Return: Total number of applications
  • For: Constituent Revenue
  • Include $0 payments/orders: TRUE
Note: When you select this option, the Total Number of Visits smart field pulls in orders with $0.00 tickets (in addition to orders with tickets that were discounted to $0.00 that were already included in this definition).
  • Revenue Types: Nothing marked
  • Transaction type/Application: Nothing marked
  • Application Selection: Admission Visits
Note: This query can be edited. If something is not working correctly, you may need to reset the query back to default settings
  • Date Range: Relative Dates
  • Time Period: Years
  • Years: 1
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