You may request a note be placed on your account as an alert to the call center or to parents. Alerts are particularly useful if you are offering specific due dates or payment plans, but have other due dates and plans available for school use only. 

For example: If you want to offer only the 5th, 10th and 20th as due dates, but there are some families that have the 15th and 20th, we can add a call center alert that states:  "DUE DATES 15TH & 25TH FOR SCHOOL USE ONLY." So, if a parent requests another due date, the call agent can advise of their options.

When submitting a request, do not include lengthy sentences. Bullet points are preferred for quick reading. Alerts can be updated or deleted at any time. They will carry over to the next school year.

The call center alert would populate every time a parent calls on their account.

The parent alert would populate when they login to

At this time, alerts must be submitted to Customer Support.
For help contacting support: How do I contact Customer Support?