As of April 5, 2018, the former MicroEdge Community was separated into distinct spaces serving each specific solution. You will find the links below. Please bookmark them for future reference.
  1. The Blackbaud Grantmaking™ Community (formerly known as GIFTS Online) is located here.
  • This Community includes GIFTS Alta and GIFTS Classic discussions and resources.
  1. Blackbaud Outcomes™ is located here.
  2. Blackbaud AngelPoints is located here.
  3. FIMS is located here.
Each Community has its own discussion areas and resources. The former MicroEdge Events Calendar and MicroEdge Tips & Tricks blog are shared across all of the Blackbaud Corporations and Blackbaud Foundations communities.

Forum subscriptions have not changed and remain what a Community Member has chosen when they onboarded into the Community.

The temporary MicroEdge landing page with links to all of the new community spaces will retire on 5/15/18.

Do you have any questions? Please email the Blackbaud Community Team at for assistance.