Credit card numbers disappear in batch

When I have a batch open and a constituent loaded I place my cursor in the credit card type field and click F7 to load the credit card information from the Bio 2 tab of the constituent record.  The information loads fine, but then I tab through the fields to get to the next row and the credit card number disappears.

Users may also note this behavior when processing new recurring gifts into Batch from the BBNC plugin.
This issue was resolved with a hotfix in Blackbaud Hosting Services run on 6/27 and 6/28/18. If you are encountering this issue in a locally-installed version of The Raiser's Edge, see What is the Patch 11 Hotfix for RE 7.96, and How Do I Apply It?

NOTE: If the issue is occurring only for card numbers of 4 or fewer digits, see Last 4 Digits of Credit Card Number Deleted From Batch

Previous workaround:
  1. In the batch, click Tools>Edit batch setup
  2. Click the Fields tab
  3. In the right-hand panel, click on the Credit Card Number field
  4. Click the Down button until  the field is listed after Credit Card Type
  5. Click Data Entry
  6. Continue your data entry
NOTE: Press Tab to move the cursor through the end of each row before saving the batch. If the batch is saved while the cursor is still in a row with credit card information in it, the issue may occur even with the field order above.

If you are processing gifts that need the credit card number retained from BBNC or Online Express, process the transactions using a batch template that has the Credit Card Number and Credit Card Type fields configured in the correct order.


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